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September Board Meeting Minutes, September 30, 2021

President: Rusty Firestone, PRESENT

Vice-President: Thomas Barefoot, PRESENT

Secretary: Kyra Mangold-Ostovich, PRESENT

Treasurer: Michael Perovich, NOT PRESENT

Grounds Superintendent: Corey Potts, PRESENT

Board Member: David Hruska, PRESENT

Board Member: Tom Imhoff, PRESENT

Board Member: Rick Brennan, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Kevin Ondo, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Vince Rodgers, PRESENT

Board Member: Ellis Michaels, PRESENT

Volunteers present: Ben Lighthall and Christine Schott

Old Business

1. Continuation of OVR Student Work Program

a. The final day for 4 student workers will be Wednesday, October 6, 2021, as the students have reached their 90-hour maximum allowance. They will resume in the Spring of 2022.

2. Cemetery Deed Creation and Property Acquisition

a. Rusty has met with an attorney to discuss the possibility of creating new burial spaces, and is reviewing a draft of a new Deed document.

3. Resetting of Monuments continues

a. Thanks to the leadership of Ellis Michaels, 15 monuments have been righted and permanently reset over the month of September.

New Business

1. Tripod and Monument Jack Purchase

a. We will be purchasing a monument pry-bar for $499.00 plus shipping and taxes. This piece of equipment will be essential to continuing our work with fixing monuments.

2. Establishment of WhatsApp account

a. Kyra is looking into a better form of communication with people in need of more information about burials,

3. Sale of Cemetery Lots

a. Potential development of 220 new double depth plots is being discussed. The area in mind for this is currently under an unused roadway in the Annex section. The roadway would be cleared and the space underneath would become plot spaces.

b. Mapping

i. Tentatively, double-depth lots would be sold in sequential order at time of need

c. Costs of lots are currently being researched and discussed by Board Members.

i. All funds from purchase of lots are to be used solely for beautification/maintenance of the cemetery and perpetual care. No monies are to be collected for personal use by any Board Member.

4. Purchase of Walk-Behind Trimmer

a. Unanimous vote for purchase. Rusty will be purchasing in the next few weeks.

5. Sales Tax Exemption

a. We are still waiting on the accountant to finalize our tax exemption status as a non-profit organization.

6. Signage

a. Three "No Hunting" signs are to be purchased and placed on grounds.

7. Creation of Sexton position

a. This position will be a liaison between families, funeral homes, and those interested in purchasing future property. The creation of this position is only being considered at this time, and will be voted on in the October meeting; there are no payroll attachments to this position at this time. A person to fill the position will be discussed following the vote to create the position.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM

Next meeting: Thursday, October 28, 2021, at 6:30 PM

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