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June Board Meeting Minutes: June 28, 2023

President: Rusty Firestone, PRESENT

Vice-President: Thomas Barefoot, PRESENT

Treasurer: Michael Perovich, PRESENT

Secretary: Kyra Mangold-Ostovich, PRESENT

Grounds Superintendent: Corey Potts, PRESENT

Board Member: David Hruska, PRESENT

Board Member: Tom Imhoff, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Rick Brennan, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Vince Rodgers, PRESENT

Board Member: Ellis Michaels, PRESENT

Board Member: JaQuay Carter, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Roberta Kacinko, PRESENT

Volunteers present: Ben Lighthall

  1. Old Business

    1. Reports on 2023 projects

      1. Chapel fundraising

        1. To date, $5,050 have been raised. '

      2. Completion of New Section

        1. Vote passed to purchase more topsoil and grass seed. Estimated cost is around $600

      3. Cemetery Maintenance Needs for 2023

        1. Corey Potts is to submit an inventory of equipment that is in need of repair or replacement

      4. Student Worker Program

        1. 14 students are in their third week

        2. They are scheduled to work Mon - Fri, for a total of nine weeks

      5. Monument Repair

        1. Ellis MIchaels has reset two stones near the cell tower

        2. 2 Veterans markers have arrived, 1 is to be shipped

      6. Tax Exempt Status

        1. To date, no further progress has been made with the State

      7. Fundraising Ideas

        1. Yearly raffle tickets

          1. Possibility of selling $50 or $100 raffle seasonal tickets?

          2. Vote will be held in July to move forward

  1. New Business

    1. Chapel Fundraising

      1. No new progress has been made due to lack of funding

      2. Push to continue fundraising in needed

    2. June Burials

      1. 1 casketed burial was completed within the month

    3. June Property Sales

      1. 3 lots were purchased

    4. Financials

      1. Checking: $24, 797.56

      2. Money Market: $10,021 ($21 interest gained from $10,000 investment)

      3. CD (30 month): $10,136 ($136 interest gained from $10,000 investment)

      4. Perpetual Care: $6,023.75

    5. September Event

      1. Date set for Saturday, 23 Sep 2023, 1 - 5 PM

      2. Table in front of SWG Funeral Home will be present at Munhall Market Night on 29 Jul 2023, 5-9 PM for advertisement

      3. List of notables to be highlighted

        1. Ellis Michaels and Kyra Mangold-Ostovich to compile a list

      4. Program

        1. Kyra Mangold-Ostovich to design a program

          1. Need to see if local businesses would with to buy ad space within the program

      5. Food Trucks

        1. Roberta Kacinko has confirmed with two vendors so far

          1. StrEat Food

          2. Sooo Delicious

    6. July Board Elections

      1. Yearly elections will be held for Officer positions

      2. All interested are to email Kyra Mangold-Ostovich at

    7. New Meeting Night

      1. Motion to move meetings from Wednesday to Thursday

      2. Motion was not passed; meetings will remains on final Wednesday of the month

    8. Grass Cutting Contract

      1. Vote was passed to give cutting contract to vendor for July - October under condition that grounds will be fully cut twice a month

    9. Lefty Williams Headstone & Baseball Notables Signage

      1. Working with VIncent Ciaramella of the Josh GIbson Foundation to place a headstone over the unmarked grave of Homestead Gray's plater, Lefty Williams

        1. JG Foundation is commissioning the stone and will cover footer pour and install fees

        2. No family has been found; should anyone come forward to deny the placement of the marker, it will be removed from the grave

      2. JG Foundation has also expressed interest in creating signage throughout the Cemetery pointing out baseball players

        1. Further discussion will be required

      3. Possibility of creating a walking tour of Baseball players buried within the grounds

    10. Creation of Cremation Section

      1. Area where former residences stood behind Anne Ashley UM Church

      2. Creation of family lots for only cremation

      3. Further discussion will be required

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM

Next meeting: Wednesday, 26 Jul 2023, 6:30 PM

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