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January Board Meeting Minutes: 31 Jan 2024


  1. President, Rusty Firestone: PRESENT

  2. Vice-President, Thomas Barefoot: PRESENT

  3. Treasurer, Michael Perovich: NOT PRESENT

  4. Secretary, Kyra Mangold: PRESENT

  5. Melany Alliston: PRESENT

  6. Rick Brennan: NOT PRESENT

  7. David Hruska: PRESENT

  8. Tom Imhoff: PRESENT

  9. Roberta Kacinko: NOT PRESENT

  10. Ellis Michaels: NOT PRESENT

  11. Corey Potts: PRESENT

  12. Vince Rodgers: PRESENT

Old Business

  1. Fundraising

    1. $1,000.00 has been raised this year, so far.

      1. $1,000.00 was earmarked specifically for the Chapel Conversion Project.

      2. $0 was used for daily maintenance.

  2. Student Worker Program

    1. Spring program to begin 12 Apr 2024 and end 09 Jun 2024

    2. Summer program to begin 12 Jun 2024

    3. Fall and Winter programs are being discussed

  3. Monument Repair Report

    1. Ellis is planning on installing a newly received veterans marker this week, weather permitting

  4. Records Organization

    1. Christine has made progress with several volunteers in sorting, recording, alphabetizing, and purging unnecessary documents

  5. Renovation Update

    1. The upper level bath and laundry room has been completed

    2. Chapel plans have stalled with potential Union workers

New Business

  1. Discussion and vote on updated Cemetery By-Laws

    1. Approved with no objections

    2. Language is being work-shopped to add a Contractee/Contractor and Reimbursement section; updated By-Laws will be posted ASAP

  2. Discussion and vote on "Friends of the Cemetery" By-Laws

    1. A separate 501(c)(3) organization is being established to handle fundraising efforts to benefit the Homestead Cemetery

    2. Meetings will take place on the final Wednesday ov every month at 6 PM

    3. By-Laws were approved with no objections

    4. Language is being work-shopped to expand on additional points suggested during the meeting.; a final draft will be posted ASAP

  3. Discussion of 3-year plan

    1. Board members discussed projects that are feasible to complete over the next three years, and include construction projects, as well as community outreach programs

  4. Pitt GIS Project

    1. Geographic Information Systems students with Pitt are joining us to map difficult areas of the cemetery

    2. Their primary focus will be the singles area along 22nd Avenue

    3. Their secondary focus will be along the hillside in Sections H and I Annex

  5. Wreaths Across America

    1. Homestead Cemetery has been accepted as a participating member of WAA

    2. 550 wreaths will be laid on 14 Dec 2024, at 12 noon

  6. Speaking Invitations

    1. Plans for presentations are being prepared to speak at the St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Seniors Group as well as the Carnegie Library of Homestead

    2. Dates will be posted once confirmed

  7. Second Annual History Day

    1. Scheduled for 11 Aug 2024

  8. Financials

    1. Checking: $22,460.16

    2. Money Market: $10,197.13 ($197.13 interest gained from $10,000 investment)

    3. CD (30 month): $10,383.63 ($383.63 interest gained from $10,000 investment)

    4. Perpetual Care: $16,218.48

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Next meeting: Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 6:30 PM

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