Maps are tentative at best at this time. We are dilligently working on creating comprehensive section maps as we confirm burials, but it is a slow and tedious process.
We will update as we make progress.

We appreciate your understanding and patience!

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Special thanks goes to volunteer, Christine Schott, who has been creating these maps as she's combed through the ledgers. Without her dedication, none of this would be possible.
Original plan of Old Cemetery, circa 1885
HC Map - Old.jpg

Old Cemetery
Singles Sections

Singles Areas Map.jpg

Old Section A

Section A Old satellite with lot numbers-page-001.jpg
Section A Old with names-page-001.jpg

Old Section C

Section C old satellite numbered-page-001.jpg
Section C old with lot #s and names-page-001.jpg

Old Section D

Section D old satellite-page-001.jpg
Section D old lot numbers and names-page-001.jpg

Old Section E

Section E satellite-page-001.jpg
section E old lots with names-page-001.jpg

Soldier's Circle
and Triangles

Homestead Cem Soldiers Circle-page-001.jpg
Soldier s Circle and Triangle satellite-page-001.jpg

Old Section G

Section G satellite-page-001.jpg
section G old-page-001 (1).jpg

Old Section I

Section I Old satellite-page-001.jpg
Section I Old with names-page-001.jpg

Old Section J

section J plan map-page-001.jpg
Section J satellite-page-001.jpg
Original plan of Annex Section, circa 1921
HC Map - Annex.jpg

The final layout does not follow this exact draft. Additional changes were made to accommodate the pharmacy, ice cream shop, and cell phone tower areas. We are unsure of when exactly those changes occurred.