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February Board Meeting Minutes, February 24, 2022

President: Rusty Firestone, PRESENT

Vice-President: Thomas Barefoot, PRESENT

Secretary: Kyra Mangold-Ostovich, PRESENT

Treasurer: Michael Perovich, PRESENT

Grounds Superintendent: Corey Potts, PRESENT

Board Member: David Hruska, PRESENT

Board Member: Tom Imhoff, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Rick Brennan, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Kevin Ondo, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Vince Rodgers, PRESENT

Board Member: Ellis Michaels, PRESENT

Board Member; JaQuay Carter, NOT PRESENT

Volunteers present: Ben Lighthall and Christine Schott

  1. Updates

    1. Fundraising

      1. 2022 Annual appeal letters approved

      2. Posters to be made for local businesses to display in windows

    2. Restoration of gas service

      1. Rick Brennan not present, not update provided

    3. New cemetery section

      1. Old roadway in Annex section to be removed and space beautified. Estimates for project are though to be around $4,500.00

      2. Property not to be sold until area is grassed over

        1. Vote to sell will take place later in season

    4. Sexton position

      1. Vote will be in tandem with vote to begin selling property

    5. Appell Restoration Workshop

      1. Finalists have not yet been confirmed. Ellis Michaels will keep us updated.

    6. Garage door maintenance

      1. Yearly maintenance has been completed. Motion passed to have doors re-greased once every 3-5 years as needed.

  2. New Business

    1. Fence damage

      1. A vehicle was found abandoned in the Medicine Shoppe parking lot after striking the fence along Main Street. The Munhall Police were notified, and have filed a report based on the license plate of the vehicle. We are currently working with insurance in an attempt to repair the fence.

    2. Recent interments

      1. Three interments have been completed for 2022 thus far.

    3. New Board member

      1. We are honored to have JaQuay E. Carter, local historian and Valley Mirror columnist, join the Board. He was unable to join us as he had a previous speaking engagement scheduled. He will be at the next meeting.

    4. Scout Project update

      1. Brendan Snyder is nearing his financial goal.

      2. Members of the Clairton Works SERVE Group have offered to complete the masonry work for free, with tentative dates of May 7 and May 14 (rain date).

    5. Spring cleanup

      1. Date set for Saturday, March 26, 2022, 11 AM - 2 PM.

    6. New headstones

      1. Race and Burwell replacement stones have been received.

      2. Installation date pending on weather; estimated at prior to months end.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM

Next meeting: Thursday, March 31, 2022

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