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Voices of the Past: John Faulds

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Voices of the Past will showcase an interesting person or family within the Cemetery each week.

John Faulds

Born: July 18, 1877

Died: March 4, 1928, aged 50

Location: Old Section A, Lot 54

The tragic story of the Faulds family followed what the papers called a "Fatal Duel." Mr. Faulds, and his wife, Mrs. Mary C. Faulds, were both pronounced dead following a heated argument on Saturday, March 03, 1928, in the kitchen of their residence on 321 Cherry Street, West Homestead.

It was alleged that Mrs. Faulds came home to Mr. Faulds beating her 10 year old son, Edwin, from a previous marriage, after finding him alone in their home. After seizing her arm to stop her from calling the police, the coroner's report claims she slashed at Mr. Faulds' throat with a butcher knife before burying it in his chest. He was able to fire two bullets from his 32 caliber revolver into her chest before losing consciousness. Neighbors told the police the two had frequent arguments.

Mrs. Faulds was pronounced dead in her residence, while Mr. Faulds died several hours later at Homestead Hospital from his wounds.

The couple rest in different cemeteries; he in Homestead Cemetery on March 07, 1928, and she in Braddock Catholic Cemetery.

Mr. Faulds' funeral arrangements were handled by the Joseph A. Hensler Funeral Home.

Information gathered from:

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  • "Stage Fatal Duel," Pittsburgh Press, 05 March 1928, p. 21

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