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Soldier's Circle Update: June 8, 2021

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

We're so very excited to announce that we have received markers for the following veterans:

  1. Michael Klein - Currently unmarked

  2. Myron E. Mason - Currently unmarked

  3. James Hart

  4. Lewis Kelley

  5. Harry E. Sweitzer

  6. Rev. Samuel Giffenney

  7. William J. Stoup

  8. Thomas S. Granger

We are still waiting to hear if the application for Richard Crawford has been accepted.

Once again, our sincerest of thanks goes to Frank Jastrzembski of Shrouded Veterans for his expertise and help in coordinating this project!

The next batch of markers will tentatively include the following veterans:

  1. James White

  2. George Griffith AKA Griffith George

  3. John Lancaster

  4. Albert Bradford

  5. John Whipkey

  6. Ellis/Elias Rice

  7. Daniel Negley

  8. James C. Bell

  9. James Potter

  10. Daniel McCain/McClain

More updates, as well as some before and after photos, will be coming soon as we start our installation phase!

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