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Voices of the Past: Frank E. Johnston (January 17, 2022)

Frank E. Johnston

Born: 1871

Died: January 18, 1898, aged 26

Location: Old Section C, lot 87

Frank Johnston, born in Dravosburg, was a young widower and well-known and liked resident of Homestead. He worked in the converter mill of the Homestead Works.

He, along with several other men, had been hard at work removing scrap from the top of a converter. A large mass had been dislodged and lifted out of the way by crane. As the crane was moving, the chain link hoisting the mass snapped, dropping the load onto Frank, "crushing him terribly."

He was immediately taken to the company surgeon by his co-workers, but died en route.

His grave is currently unmarked.

Information gathered from:

  • "Crushed to Death," Pittsburgh Press, 18 January 1898, p. 1.

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