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June Board Meeting Minutes, June 29, 2022

President: Rusty Firestone, PRESENT

Vice-President: Thomas Barefoot, PRESENT

Secretary: Kyra Mangold-Ostovich, PRESENT

Treasurer: Michael Perovich, PRESENT

Grounds Superintendent: Corey Potts, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: David Hruska, PRESENT

Board Member: Tom Imhoff, PRESENT

Board Member: Rick Brennan, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Kevin Ondo, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Vince Rodgers, PRESENT

Board Member: Ellis Michaels, PRESENT

Board Member; JaQuay Carter, PRESENT

Volunteers present: Linda Baird, Ben Lighthall, and Christine Schott

  1. Old Business

    1. Fundraising

      1. Advertising/Business solicitation - Posters have been distributed to local businesses along 8th Avenue and throughout Munhall

    2. Restoration of gas service

      1. Board Member, Rick Brennan not present - unable to move forward at this time.

    3. New section progress

      1. Grading is slowly making progress

    4. Tax exempt status

      1. Vice-President, Thomas Barefoot, has submitted paperwork to Harrisburg and is awaiting confirmation.

    5. Student workers

      1. A group of 12 students have been brought in from an Allegheny County program resource and have made SIGNIFICANT progress in keeping the grounds cut and maintained.

    6. Soldiers Circle update

      1. Project was completed in time for Memorial Day. The final result is beautiful!

    7. Meetings with State Leaders

      1. We have been unable to secure in-person meetings due to State budget meetings.

  1. New Business

    1. Payment to Brenner Contracting for grass cutting

      1. $2,500 was paid to Brenner Contracting for helping to maintain grass in difficult areas for the Memorial Day service. We are very thankful for their assistance.

    2. Hot water tank purchase

      1. Rick Brennan has purchased a hot water tank to install in the residence.

    3. Glass block purchase

      1. Glass block was purchased to replace damaged blocks in the residence.

    4. Electrical in basement

      1. Board member, Tom Imhoff, has offered to rewire the basement of the residence.

    5. Burial report

      1. 3 casketed burials were completed in the month of June.

    6. 48 State Tour! Workshop

      1. We will be providing lunch for the attendees, and have started to receive responses.

    7. Brickner family reunion.

      1. The Brickner family, most of whom live out of state, will be visiting the Cemetery in July to pay their respects to deceased family members.

    8. New Signage

      1. 2 signs have been drafted to install near the Soldiers Circle.

    9. 2023 Board Election

      1. Elections for the 2023 Board members will be held at the July meeting. All those wishing to run for office are to submit their names to be added to the ballot prior to the July meeting,

    10. Chapel vote

      1. An unanimous vote was received by all members present to move forward with the chapel renovations.

      2. A donation appeal will be made to help raise funds for the project; it's estimated to be about $25,000 for materials and labor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM

Next meeting: Wednesday, July 27, 6:30 PM

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