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April Board Meeting Minutes, April 27, 2022

President: Rusty Firestone, PRESENT

Vice-President: Thomas Barefoot, PRESENT

Secretary: Kyra Mangold-Ostovich, PRESENT

Treasurer: Michael Perovich, NOT PRESENT

Grounds Superintendent: Corey Potts, PRESENT

Board Member: David Hruska, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Tom Imhoff, PRESENT

Board Member: Rick Brennan, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Kevin Ondo, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Vince Rodgers, NOT PRESENT

Board Member: Ellis Michaels, PRESENT

Board Member; JaQuay Carter, PRESENT

Volunteers present: Linda Baird, Ben Lighthall, and Christine Schott

  1. Old Business

    1. Fundraising

      1. Advertising - add'l posters have been purchased to display in participating business windows

      2. Board members will be canvasing local business in the upcoming weeks

    2. Financial report

      1. Treasurer, Mike Perovich, not present.

    3. Fence repair & insurance claim

      1. Cemetery's policy does not cover damage to fence.

    4. Restoration of Gas Service

      1. Board Member, Rick Brennan, not present

    5. New section progress

      1. Road has been completely removed; dirt is going to be brought in to grade the section. It will be seeded once grading is completed.

    6. Tax exempt status

      1. Vice-President, Thomas Barefoot, has submitted paperwork to Harrisburg and is awaiting confirmation.

    7. Clean-Up Day report

      1. Despite inclement weather, much was accomplished!

    8. Garage roof

      1. Over the past few months, the roof over the free-standing garage was quickly showing severe damage and an alarming amount of rainwater was leaking onto equipment and supplies in the garage. An emergency meeting was held by the officers, and quotes were received from several roofing companies. The bid was awarded to DJ Roofing, and the work was completed in a very timely fashion. The old shingles were removed, damaged lumber was replaced, and new dimensional shingles were installed. No further issues have been noticed.

    9. Security cameras have been installed at the Main Street and Farragut Street entrances.

  1. New Business

    1. Hosting restoration project

      1. We are still waiting on a final decision from the Appell project.

    2. Student workers

      1. We have been cleared to received the help of 12 students for a 9 week period over the summer.

    3. Soldiers Circle Update

      1. Ellis has been hard at work applying for replacement markers, and fixing/resetting those that are still in decent shape.

      2. To date:

        1. 21 weathered markers have been replaced with granite stones provided by the VA.

        2. 1 marker is waiting to be installed.

        3. Applications for 4 markers have been submitted to the VA, and are awaiting their determination for eligibility.

        4. 6 markers require further research and documentation before applications can be submitted.

        5. 9 markers have been determined to not need replacements; they will be leveled, reset, and cleaned.

      3. The Soldiers Triangle

        1. 2 replacement stones have been received for Section E, and were installed on Saturday, April 23.

        2. 1 marker for Section F has been received and is awaiting installation.

        3. 1 application has been submitted to the VA, but supporting documentation has been requested by their office.

    4. Supplies needed for 2022 season

      1. 3 new push mowers are going to be purchased.

      2. 3 new commercial-grade weed-whackers have been purchased.

    5. Scout project update

      1. Old bricks have been removed from the podium area by the Scouts. These will be used to create a flag retirement area.

      2. Members of the Clairton Works SERVE Group have offered to complete the masonry work for free, with tentative dates of May 7 and May 14 (rain date).

      3. Canons and bases are to be painted black by the Scouts.

      4. A local landscaping company has donated plants, mulch, and labor to help beautify the area once the masonry work is completed.

    6. Memorial Day

      1. We are awaiting word from Munhall Council to determine if a Service will be held at the Cemetery this year.

    7. Meeting with State Leaders

      1. We are working on setting up appointments with local leaders to discuss grant opportunities and/or donations.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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